• Republicans Attempt Cringeworthy Viral Videos In Days Leading Up To Debate

    Severely lagging behind Donald Trump in national polls, some Republican presidential hopefuls have resorted to making viral video attempts to drum up support.

    In the most recent iteration of the Republican attempt to create social media buzz leading up to Thursday’s primary debate, Bobby Jindal challenges “The Issues” to a push-up contest.

    The spot consists of Jindal competing against young people wearing shirts that read “taxes,” “Obamacare,” “Hyphenated Americans” and “SOTU response,” all representing things Jindal has grappled with over his political career.

    Jindal looks awkward and uncomfortable throughout the entire video, but its easy to see he’s gotten in over his head as he starts doing push ups that look more like mere elbow bends. He ultimately gives up after completing roughly 35 and losing out to his 2009 SOTU response.

    The Jindal video is just the latest in a string of Republican attempts at making stuffy, old politicians look like tough-guy everymen that appeal to their voting base.

    The trend started in late July when Kentucky Senator, and presidential hopeful, Rand Paul launched a video series where he destroyed the U.S. tax code in various, manly ways, that included a chainsaw, a wood chipper and a fire.

    At the time, it was original and made quite a bit of buzz.

    Sen. Lindsey Graham followed suit with a video of himself destroying a cell phone with a golf club and a samurai sword after Donald Trump announced Graham’s cell phone number in a national television interview.

    Then, Sen. Ted Cruz jumped on the bandwagon out of nowhere with a bizarre video of himself doing questionable Simpson’s impressions, which, as if “excellent” could possibly be topped, he followed with a remake of a popular rifle-cooked bacon video.

    In rifle-bacon, Cruz, who once took great, belabored, 2nd Amendment pains making a distinction between “machine guns” and “rifles,” cooks bacon on an AR-15 rifle barrel and then takes a bite whilst greasily declaring, “Mmmm, machine gun bacon.”

    Machine gun: No. Cringeworthy: You be the judge.

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