• Subway’s Jared and Hillary Clinton 2016?

    The former face of the Subway franchise Jared Fogle is getting ready to enter a plea deal where he will plead guilty to charges related to his possession of child pornography. Fogle’s personal computers were seized by law enforcement, which lead to the child porn charges being leveled against him.

    Meanwhile, we are learning that the FBI has traced Hillary Clinton’s emails to a Colorado tech company that used to keep its servers in a bathroom closet.

    Sure, Hillary wasn’t hoarding kiddie porn, as far as we know now. But the fact that some of the federal government’s most important secrets were being routed through servers being kept in a closet bathroom, is almost as embarrassing.

    I say these two should run for president together. They are both becoming bigger embarrassments with each passing day.

    And let’s face it, America is on a highway to hell. Hillary and Jared would be the perfect pair to push us off the cliff.

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