• The One Thing About Chris Christie The World NEVER Needed to Know

    Chris Christie, the Republican governor of New Jersey and candidate for president, surprised a lot of people with what seems like his sudden spring into the crowded Republican presidential field.

    He did it by being bombastic, declaring, for example, that he’d punch teacher’s union bosses in the face. And now that he’s going to be on the stage for the first nationally televised debate, it’s time for the big guy to dial it back a bit.

    Here’s why.

    During a town hall event in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday, Mr. Christie answered a question about how the Bible and American public policy seem to be at odds.

    “You can take any portion of the Bible, read any portion of it, and interpret it the way you want to interpret it,” Christie said, noting that there’s really a million different conclusions that can be reached when reading the Bible.

    Christie then went onto argue that religion should be carefully separated from public policy, explaining that he too went against his own Catholic beliefs when he decided to use birth control.

    “For instance I’m a Catholic but I’ve used birth control – and not just the rhythm method, OK,” Christie said.


    Christie could’ve made his point without putting the image of him and the “rhythm method” in my head.

    If there’s any reason why I believe politicians have no place in the bedroom, it is because I don’t won’t them talking about what takes place in their bedroom.

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