• Trump Has These Black Girls Over The Moon

    The “Stump-for-Trump Girls” are a dynamic duo of Donald Trump super-fans. They appeared on CNN late Tuesday night to tell the world how excited they are too see Donald Trump in the race for president of the United States. They couldn’t contain their excitement, parroting Trumps infamous campaign slogan that he can “Make America great again.”

    “We have a border that needs to be secure. We have ISIS trying to cut off heads. We have people going into movie theaters shooting it up, Don. We’ve got to secure this border,” said Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway.

    “We have to make America great again. and the only way that we can do that is with Donald Trump,” she said.

    The girl gained a huge amount of publicity after they defended Trump after he went mano y mano with the fiery Fox News host Megyn Kelly in the first Republican presidential debate.

    “We don’t want people to just be surviving in this country, but we want them to start thriving in this country,” Hardaway said of Trump success as real estate magnate and mega job creator.

    Be sure to watch these very excited Trump enthusiasts in the video clip above.

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