• UGH: Given The Chance How Many Americans Would Vote for Obama Again?

    The overwhelming majority of the people who answered some of the questions in Monmouth University’s latest poll are why I’ve lost almost all my hope in humanity.

    Remember a few weeks ago when Obama said “Under our Constitution, I cannot run again”? He actually added that “I think if I ran, I could win.”

    The man has never doubted his own abilities.

    But some 68 percent of people asked said they wouldn’t vote for Obama if they were given the chance. A truly depressing 26 percent said they would vote to put President Obama back in the White House.

    Even Democrats, Democrats by a margin of 43 percent say they wouldn’t vote for Barry in 2016.

    Ugh, these number should say “100 percent of the people wouldn’t vote for this loser.” Yes, the poll question is a ridiculously stupid question. But that 43 percent of Democrats say they wouldn’t vote for Obama’s third term in office, but also support him by 80 percent is direct evidence of how blindingly misguided Americans are.

    Is this shocking? No. But damn it it’s still depressing.

    More than 52 percent of independent disapprove of Obama. So I guess that’s something?

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