• Watch: Bizarre Anti-White Tirade Sponsored by You

    The federal government used taxpayer dollars to bring in social activist and author David Gregory to berate Census Bureau employees with a strident anti-white speech, documents obtained by JudicialWatch reveal.

    As part of a program to help workers celebrate Black History Month, the Census Bureau apparently decided it would be an excellent idea to bring in Gregory, despite his long career of statements that are inflammatory, to say the least.

    That Gregory was paid $1400 to appear before Census employees has been known for months, and the Census Bureau even apologized for what he said in May, but the actual substance of his remarks was never clearly known.

    Now, a Freedom of Information Act request by the website Judicial Watch has uncovered a transcript and video of his remarks,, and what they have revealed is spectacular.

    The Census Bureau’s apology claimed that Gregory was brought in to “share personal recollections of the civil rights movement” in line with the themes of Black History Month. Instead, what attendees were treated to was what can only be described as a bizarre, rambling, anti-white tirade, infused with a heavy dose of conspiratorial thinking.

    Gregory’s routine included a litany of conspiracy theories, as he accused the federal government of masterminding the deaths of both Martin Luther King Jr. and President Kennedy. He also suggested that the FBI had meddled with evidence in the shooting death of Michael Brown, suppressing evidence that Brown had his hands up when he was shot while fabricating evidence that he had robbed a convenience store earlier that day.

    Gregory didn’t stop there, though, and set himself apart by also accusing the government of sabotaging the career of Tiger Woods, apparently to prevent him from breaking the majors record held by Jack Nicklaus:

    “I have the number one research team in the world. I know some things if I told you, you would probably want to leave and commit suicide. That’s how bad this stuff is… And, so here come Tiger Woods. Got him, ew they beat him up bad. A friend of mine got the pictures, which is a Federal crime. When they came to the hospital, that was a mild whippin. How many of you golfers here? How many more did he have to win to tie Jack Nicklaus? Anybody know it? Y’all work this hard. Y’all don’t play no golf? Four, five to be the all time greatest. Put you in jail boy, that White women you care to, sweet, and see your game, put you under the jail. Or, get sick, be a sore loser. That’s what that’s about, that’s what that’s about. It happens every day. We sit here, let me see if I brought it with me… every day.

    Gregory also expressed his belief that Bill Cosby is being framed by the government on rape allegations; he also suggested the government had masterminded the 1997 murder of Cosby’s son in order to sabotage Cosby’s effort to purchase NBC.

    Other conspiratorial and otherwise notable statements made made by Gregory include:

    -That the real killed of Malcolm X was covered up by the government.

    -That Alex Haley never wrote the book Roots.

    -That Commerce Secretary Ron Brown was assassinated by a gunman rather than being killed in a 1996 plane crash, and that he had the photos to prove it.

    -That whites sabotage black politicians by spiking their drinks with chemicals so they “couldn’t say no” to women and get caught in affairs.

    -That King Kong is an elaborate allegory for boxer Jack Johnson and his romantic relationships with white women.

    -That American Indians should have pooled their money earned from gambling together to buy the Washington Redskins and rename them the “Nigger Honkies.”

    -That “millions” of escaped black slaves settled on Indian reservations (in fact, several tribes practiced slavery until the Civil War’s end).

    -That black men do not use prostitutes, only white men.

    Gregory’s speech apparently attracted other conspiratorially-minded people. He took questions from the audience in the second half of his appearance, and one question came from a woman who identified herself as Gloria Bay of the group “African People Against Covert Technology.” She claimed that she and others in the audience were being “tortured by the government and armed forced” and wanted Gregory’s help in stopping it.

    Almost as strange as Gregory’s remarks is the high level of engagement showed by many Census Bureau employees. Gregory didn’t bring up Cosby on his own, but instead spouted his conspiracy theory when Census Bureau statistician Janine Coaxum asked him about the “timing” of the accusations against Cosby.

    Watch the video of Gregory’s appearance below. His speech begins about 25 minutes in.

    Racist Tirade at US Census Bureau from Judicial Watch, Inc. on Vimeo.

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    Content created by The Daily Caller News Foundation is available without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact licensing@dailycallernewsfoundation.org.

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