• Watch: Jorge Ramos Can’t Contain His Hate For Donald Trump

    The all-amnesty-all-the-time Univision anchor accused Donald Trump of “spreading hate” whenever he talks about his immigration policy on the campaign trial.

    “How is he going to deport 11 million people?” Jorge Ramos said in CNN Monday night. “By bus? By plane? Is he going to bring the army to do that? Can you imagine the human rights violations that would create?”

    Donald Trump is currently leading all Republican presidential candidates in national and battleground state polls.

    Ramos continued to pile on and accused Donald Trump of “saying immigrants from Mexico are criminals and rapists. . . the phrases ‘anchor babies’  and ‘illegals’––and said, “This is not political for us, this is personal.”

    Watch Ramos’s rant in the clip above.

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