• Watch MSNBC Hosts Become the Joke In This Attempt to Bash Trump

    Ever since last week’s Republican presidential debate, the clowns in the media have been falling all over the themselves in their coverage of Donald J. Trump. Perhaps the best example of the worst reporting of Trump over the last several days came Monday morning MSNBC’s Morning Joe. The hosts and panel guests read a tweet from a famous parody account that bills itself as the official Korean government account.

    “There is someone coming to his defense though; the North Koreans on their Twitter account,” Bloomberg Politics’ Mark Halperin said.

    “U.S. media in total disarray as venomous Fox News declares war on noted scholar Donald Trump,” Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough read un-ironically:

    Again, DPRK News Service is a well-known parody account. They later burned the MSNBC idiots with a rather scathing tweet:

    It’s a bunch of clowns making fun of each other.

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