• Watch: Scott Walker Can’t Stop Using Donald Trump’s Slogan While Bashing Donald Trump

    I was tempted to file this article under entertainment simply because that’s what most of the Republican presidential field has deluded itself to.

    The latest GOP candidate to make a complete fool of himself is Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. In an appearance Monday on Fox News’ Happening Now, Walker made the point that the media is way too obsessed over all things Donald Trump. And while making a solid point about media attention on Trump, Walker used trump’s slogan, “Make America great again, five times in less than two minutes.

    Donald Trump is a “sideshow,” walker said. “I want to be talking about how we make this country great again.”

    Scott Walker continued to use Trump’s “Great Again” mantra. “From one network to the next, they’re focusing on one person when we really should be talking about what we’re for and what plans we have to make this country great again.”

    Walker literally said it three more times in 30 seconds. It’s truly remarkable and stunning to see.

    I don’t hold the water for Donald Trump or any of these politicians. But Scott Walker’s attempt to downplay Donald Trump as a waste of space only resulted in the governor making a complete fool of himself.

    This interview will do nothing to quite the critiques that he’s not ready for primetime.

    Watch the truly cringeworthy clip in the video above.

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