• 13 Year-Old DC Girl Shot In Drive By Was Just Trying To Protect Her Friend

    Taije Chambliss had just finished doing her homework at a library in her Southwest Washington, D.C., neighborhood before she was shot twice while trying to protect a younger girl.

    “I was trying to cover up the little girl who’s hair I was doing, because she was too young to get shot,” the 13 year-old Chambliss told WUSA 9.

    Chambliss was sitting on the stoop of her neighbor’s house when she was wounded after the intended target of the drive-by attack ran into, and through, the house.

    The shooters in the car, seemingly unconcerned that the two young girls were sitting on the stoop, fired wildly at the house, missing their target but hitting the girl.

    Chambliss, who had just started the 7th grade the week she was shot, was up and walking Tuesday, and recovering from gunshot wounds in both of her legs.

    Chambliss seemed very calm for having just gone through such a tragic event, and while D.C. leaders have called for enhanced legislation and harsher penalties for those committing violent acts to help with the city’s gun problem, she proposed a much simpler solution.

    “For you to be that angry and bring out a gun and shoot someone or try to shoot someone … it’s sad,” she said. “If you know that your child is wielding a gun around, you need to sit them down and talk to them and give them a reality check because his gun violence is taking over this city.”

    So far this year there have been 105 murders committed in the nation’s capital, compared to 72 at the same time last year. That accounts for a 45 percent increase. (RELATED: There Are So Many Illegal Guns In DC, The Mayor Is Paying $10,000 To Get Them Off The Streets)

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