• Are These Commercial Robots The First To Behave Like Humans

    A British engineering firm, Engineered Art, has developed robots that can talk, dance, sing and has even programmed the machines to have a personality.

    “We’re interested in robots that somehow reflect on the human condition,” said Will Jackson, director at Engineered Arts.

    RoboThespians, are a life sized humanoid robots designed for human interaction in a public environment. They can act and entertain and respond to humans and are becoming a lucrative business for the engineering firm. They have human characteristics which are so advanced they can stand in for people.

    Robots are unsettling for some. More than half of us think the Government should protect jobs from being taken by robots, and most of us fear robots could eventually wipe out humanity.

    Bill Gates and Stephen Hawking have warned of these dangers. John Good, a pioneering computer scientist, In 1965 wrote that a super-intelligent machines would be humanity’s “last invention”.

    Driverless cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, humanoid bipedal robots, speech recognition – even your Amazon recommendations – are all major advances in robotics and artificial intelligence have been made over the last 15 years and are only just the beginning.

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