• Germans Welcome Inspires Second Wave Of Migrants

    Europe’s welcome to a massive wave of migrants has inspired thousands more in the Middle East and North Africa to attempt the dangerous journey.

    Residents of Iraq, Syria and as far away as Nigeria are selling their possessions, packing their bags and buying plane tickets to Turkey — often at the urging of friends and family already in Europe, reported The Wall Street Journal.

    “We got many phone calls and emails from friends already abroad telling us to leave Iraq now—immediately—since the European authorities are being easy on migrants,” Iraq refugee Osama Ahmed told TheWSJ.

    Germany decided to embrace thousands over the weekend, easing their journey across the Austrian border and receiving them with applause. New migrants are inspired by circulation footage of the German welcome and Facebook posts from those who have made the journey successfully.

    Ahmed and four friends left Baghdad Sunday and flew to Turkey, where they plan to head for Greece and eventually reach Belgium. “This is a golden opportunity,” Ahmed added. “It’s totally nonsense to stay in Iraq when there is a chance to go.”

    Turkish officials said Germany’s decisions to drop the rules and welcome the Syrian refugees sparked a rush for the border, and Baghdad travel agents say demand for flights to Turkey is surging and airlines are adding more flights to Istanbul. (RELATED: WSJ Admits There IS A Cost To Mass Migration Across Insecure Borders)

    Germany expects more than 800,000 refugees per year for several years — compared to about 200,000 in 2014 — and is urging other European countries to share the burden, reported BBC News. Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Germany can take in 500,000 a year for several years.

    “Most of us who are aware of the migration trend across the world are still unsure exactly what to do, but most of us would rather damn the consequences and make our way to Europe for better opportunities in life,” a refugee in a Nigerian camp told TheWSJ.

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