• IRONY: High School Girl Who Won Right To Have Pro-Life Club Said School’s Ban Made It More Popular

    The Nevada high school girl who finally won the battle to start a pro-life club at her school said her school’s ban on the club has only drawn more attention and made it way more popular.

    “And that’s a good thing,” Angelique Clark, who is a student at West Career and Technical Academy in Las Vegas, told The Daily Caller News Foundation Wednesday.

    Clark applied to start a pro-life club at her school in December of 2014 but the administration denied her request, telling her it was too “controversial” and that others were more qualified to speak on the subject.

    After repeated attempts to convince the school, she teamed up with the Thomas More Society to file a lawsuit. Clark felt the ban on her club was unfair since the school had other clubs, like a chess club and the gay straight alliance.

    The Thomas More Society said Tuesday that the school had given in, but Clark told TheDCNF she never doubted she would prevail.

    “I was just waiting it out because I knew the law was on my side,” Clark told TheDCNF.

    She wouldn’t put a number on how many students she expect to join the club, but all the media attention and the initial ban have only made it more popular.

    Clark said from the beginning she wanted the club to be a place where people on both sides of the issue felt comfortable.

    “I’m inviting every single person no matter what they believe,” Clark told TheDCNF.

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