• ISIS Leader: We Are Funded By The Obama Administration

    Yousaf al Salafi, a man believed to be the Pakistani commander of Islamic State (ISIS), claims that  confessed that he has been receiving money through the United States.

    Al-Salafi made his claims during an interrogation by the Pakistani government. Salafi confessed that he “received money to recruit young people to fight in Syria and that the United States paid him $600 a head for anyone that joined.”

    Michael Flynn, former director of Obama’s Defense Intelligence Agency, said in the months following al Salafi’s admission that he warned the Obama administration three years ago that the groups they were funding in Syria were actually Islamic jihadists.

    A group of 50 intelligence analysts working out of the U.S. military’s Central Command are now complaining that their reports on ISIS and the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda were being incorrectly changed by senior officials in order portray the terrorist groups as weaker than the analysts believed they were and to reflect the Obama administration’s claims of progress in the fight against ISIS and al Qaeda’s Syria affiliate.

    The analysts claimed their reports “were changed by Centcom higher-ups to adhere to the administration’s public line that the U.S. is winning the battle against ISIS and the al-Nusra Front, al Qaeda’s branch in Syria.”

    The complaints prompted the Pentagon’s inspector general to launch an investigation.

    One person who knows the contents of the complaint used the word “Stalinist” to describe the tone set by officials overseeing the military’s analysis, according to The Daily Beast.

    Despite ISIS’ seizure of major cities like Mosul and Fallujah and recruitment of new fighters, members of the Obama administration have sought to paint the fight against ISIS in rosy hues in recent months.

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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