• John Kerry Appoints ‘Email Czar’ For Clinton Emails

    Secretary of State John Kerry is tapping a “transparency” czar to oversee the State Department response to the myriad of document requests mostly related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which are straining the department’s resources.

    “As I have repeatedly made clear, we have a fundamental obligation to document the conduct of U.S. foreign policy and to produce our records in response to requests from the public and Congress,” Kerry said in a statement.

    “Our records, and our ability to share them, serve as testament to our commitment to transparency and open government. I take very seriously that responsibility, and so does everyone else at the State Department.”

    Ambassador Janice Jacobs, a former career diplomat, will serve as the State Department’s first “transparency coordinator,” Kerry announced Tuesday.

    Jacobs will now lead the department’s efforts to improve systems for maintaining records and responding to public requests and congressional inquiries.

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