• MSNBC Panel: How Hillary Needs To Emulate Sarah Palin

    Praise for Sarah Palin on MSNBC may sound impossible but this really happened.

    A recent all-woman panel on Melissa Harris-Perry’s show had an excellent suggestion. Hillary should be more like Sarah Palin.

    The panel praised Palin for being authentic and criticized how fake Clinton comes across.

    From Newsbusters:

    It took nearly seven years, but at long last it’s finally been heard — praise for Sarah Palin on MSNBC.

    Even better, one of the people praising Palin — and there were three, count ’em, three libs on the Lean Leftward cable network today doing so — suggested that flailing Democrat Hillary Clinton could do worse than to look toward Palin as a political model to emulate.

    The gratifying twofer came on MSNBC’s usually cringe-inducing Melissa Harris-Perry show during a panel discussion of authenticity or the lack thereof among politicians.

    Here’s a partial transcript:

    HARRIS-PERRY: Well, Sarah Palin was part of changing that, I mean, not because, again, this is that substance versus symbol piece. It’s not like I am generally supportive of Sarah Palin’s policies, but in terms of just being like, well, I’m just gonna run this real differently in my high heels and …

    TURNER: She owned who she …

    HARRIS-PERRY: She really did!

    TURNER: She owned herself.

    HARRIS-PERRY: And people responded to that, oh, well that looks …

    WINSTEAD: Authentic.


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