• MSNBC: Why Clinton Donors Are Panicking

    NBC’s Chuck Todd said Friday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that Democratic donors are “panicking” after another poll came out showing Hillary Clinton struggling in the 2016 general election against her Republican rivals

    “Chuck Todd, look at those numbers,” host Joe Scarborough said in reference to the latest CNN/ORC poll. “This has been one of the worst months for Hillary Clinton than I can remember any candidate having– especially in August, where there’s not supposed to be news. She’s dropped 10 points in just about every poll, and here you actually have Ben Carson and Jeb Bush ahead of her.”

    Todd called the poll another low for Clinton as questions linger over the former secretary of state’s exclusive use of a private email server to conduct official government business.

    “Every time you think, okay, when is she at bottom, it feels like there’s a new bottom,” he said.

    “A month ago when she was having bad poll numbers, when it was starting to go down, one of the things they hung their hat on is, ‘Well, as bad as her numbers may look, she’s still in better shape when matched up against any one Republican,’” Todd noted. “Well, that’s not happening anymore, right? This is just pile after pile after pile.”

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