• Pro-Abortion Democrat Steals Pope’s Glass To Drink Remaining Water With Wife And Grandkids

    Representative Bob Brady (D-PA ), immediately rushed to the podium after Pope Francis finished speaking at the White House on Thursday and stole the glass of water Pope Francis was drinking out of during his address.

    The congressman then drank some of the water, gave some to his wife Debra and saved the rest for his grandchildren.

    He also managed to save a few sips of the water with members of his staff and assistant.

    Representative Brady, a devout Catholic, took photos of them all drinking the water, and had his staff send them out to the press.

    Representative Brady “was immensely moved by the speech. He thought the Holy Father spoke to issues he cared deeply about … especially caring about the poor and the Holy Father’s concern about our environment,” Chief of Staff Stan White told ABC News.

    Pope Francis’ will be heading to Brady’s district of Philadelphia over the weekend giving the congressman another chance to steal some of the Popes’ back wash.

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