• Report: FBI Recovers Hillary Clinton’s Deleted Emails

    The FBI has recovered personal and work-related emails deleted from Hillary Clinton’s private server, Bloomberg reported Tuesday evening.

    It is not clear how many emails authorities had been able to recover, Bloomberg reported.

    Clinton, the likely-Democratic nominee, ignited controversy when it was discovered earlier this year that she exclusively used personal email to conduct business during her time as secretary of state. After months of refusing to apologize, Clinton finally said she was “sorry.”

    The FBI is investigating whether classified information that passed through Clinton’s so-called “homebrew” server during her time as secretary of state was mishandled.

    It is not clear whether all 30,000 messages Clinton said she had deleted from the server had been recovered, but it was not difficult to recover the emails that had been found so far.

    Clinton said earlier this year that the emails she deleted from the private server she kept at her Chappaqua, N.Y., home mostly pertained to personal matters such as her daughter Chelsea’s wedding and the secretary’s yoga routines.

    An intelligence source told Fox News earlier this month that whoever had been deputized to scrub the server must “not be a very good IT guy.  There are different standards to scrub when you do it for government versus commercial.”

    It is not known when exactly Clinton “wiped” her server, nor who was directed to do so, but it appears the move came after October 2014 when the State Department requested personal emails be returned as part of her business records,  .

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