• Shady & Shades: Farrakhan Dines with Noted ‘Scholar’ Eminem in Detroit

    Minister Louis Farrakhan and rapper Eminem met in Detroit earlier this week for a 2 1/2-hour dinner in his Detroit hotel room.

    Farrakhan described his conversation with Eminem as a “beautiful dialogue” in an Instagram post.

    Nation of Islam member Hajj Hasaun Muhammad described the meeting as “epic” and suggested that both men had been wanting to meet for some time. “So much happens behind the scenes that I don’t post or talk about, but this one I absolutely had to. Truly epic that the two of them had dinner last night in Detroit,” Muhammad wrote.

    Farrakhan talked to Eminem about “using his influence and using his power through rap music and hip-hop culture to influence people positively, so our children, our youth, can grow into more positive humans,” Muhammad said.

    The Nation of Islam leader is currently in the midst of preparation for his “Justice or Else” anti-racism rally that will occur on October 10 and will celebrate the 20th anniversary of the historic million man march.

    He recently declared that the time has come for his 10,000 black volunteers to “stalk” and “kill” white Americans.

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