• Terrorists For Corbyn: Hamas Endorses Leading British Politician

    The front-runner for the leadership of the U.K. Labour Party has received a ringing endorsement from one of the world’s most notorious terrorist groups — Hamas.

    Hamas’ deputy foreign minister Ghazi Hamad lavished praised on the Islington member of parliament Jeremy Corbyn, telling the Daily Telegraph that the radical socialist “has very good sympathy and support for the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian struggle and he is frankly against the occupation, against the racist policy of Israel, against settlements.”

    Hamad went on to suggest that if Labour elected Corbyn as its leader it would make amends for Britain’s involvement in establishing the state of Israel. “If he really became the head of the Labour party, he can make a big change to the image of Britain because people here in Palestine feel that Britain has a historical responsibility, in giving Israel the golden chance of establishing their state on the account of the Palestinian people,” Hamad said.

    Corbyn has long been a vehement opponent of Israeli policy and has in the past called Hamas and Hezbollah “friends,” while inviting both groups to send representatives to meetings in parliament. Over the course of several decades, Corbyn has been involved with a series of far-left groups that have played host to militant anti-Israel activists, as well anti-Semites and holocaust deniers.

    After delivering a string of anodyne compliments, Hamad appeared to veer off into conspiracy theory territory, telling the Telegraph that he expected in the event of a Corbyn victory “Israel will take some measures against him and try to distort his image, to destroy him.”

    The imminent election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour Party leader on Sept. 12 is increasingly becoming a source of concern in Britain’s Jewish community. According to a poll conducted by the Jewish Chronicle, 70 percent of British Jews are fearful Corbyn will capture the leadership of Britain’s largest opposition party.

    The warm words from Hamas are just the latest in series of incidents that have put the previously unknown Marxist sympathizer under pressure. Corbyn came under fire in August for comments he made to Iranian broadcaster Press TV lamenting the death of mass murderer Osama bin Laden as a “tragedy.”


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