• Trump Fires Back To Jindal’s ALL OUT ASSAULT With Two-Tweet Response

    Bobby Jindal has made slamming Donald his top priority over the past 24 hours. His strategy seems to be, generate as much attention as possible with the most cutting remarks.

    The Louisiana governor called Trump “unstable,” “a narcissist,” “unserious,” and “a carnival act” during remarks at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on Thursday.

    He fired at the Republican frontrunner with this zinger: “We know that Mr. Trump has not read the Bible, and we know this for a simple reason: Donald Trump is not in the Bible. So we know he has not read it.”

    Jindal must have concluded his attacks on Trump as an effective approach and went at it again during an interview with CBS News. He said that Trump “looks like he’s got a squirrel sitting on his head” without managing to laugh at his own joke.

    The real estate billionaire hit back in a two-tweet response. He said he only responds “to people that register more than 1% in the polls.”

    Trump added that since Jindal failed to make the main debate stage during the Fox News face-off, the two “have never met.”

    Jindal fired back to Trump, saying he was “disappointed” in the billionaire’s response to him.

    “Is this the best you can do?” he asked. “Are you suffering from low energy today?”

    Jindal also disputed Trump’s claim that the two had never met.

    “We have met,” Jindal tweeted. “You wrote a check.”

    “A fool & his money are soon parted. A fool & his dad’s money are parted sooner,” Jindal added.

    There’s a race underway among GOP presidential candidates to see who can slam Donald Trump the hardest. But shouldn’t they be spending that energy and animosity on hitting the Democrats hard, perhaps focusing on Hillary’s narcissism?

    “It’s cutting. It’s slicing. And apparently these guys all recognize now what they have to do to break out,” Rush Limbaugh said in response to the other candidates’ constant attacks on Trump during Thursday’s broadcast of his program. “What they have to do to get named and mentioned, and that is get on Trump’s bad side. ‘Cause he’ll come after ’em.”

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