• Whoopi Attacks Planned Parenthood Critics: ‘Get Out Of My Vagina!’

    Whoopi Goldberg, on Monday’s broadcast of The View, was involved in an abortion debate based on the undercover video from The Center for Medical Progress showing Planned Parenthood personnel harvesting a baby’s brain while the baby was still alive.

    “If you think this is going to stop women from doing it, it’s not. People who are desperate enough to go and get an abortion, there’s a reason they need it, Goldberg said .

    “Get out of my vagina!” she said, asking that politicians stay away from her reproductive system.  “Only God can judge. God said, ‘Come to me; if you have an issue, come to me. Nobody else can judge you.’”

    Conservatives across America are engaged in a battle to defund Planned Parenthood so it is no longer supported with taxpayer dollars, months after the first sting video was released.

    Liberals have defended Planned Parenthood to no avail, arguing that taking away funding from the controversial abortion provider is more evidence of the mythological conservative “war on women” and women’s healthcare because the organization offer other services besides abortion.

    Goldberg however deviated from typical talking points that are constantly pushed by the left claiming that Planned Parenthood’s main focus is women’s health and providing a “plethora” of women’s healthcare services this organization provides, such as free cancer screenings.

    She instead admitted that Planned Parenthood’s primary purpose is abortions.

    “[People have] perhaps forgotten why Planned Parenthood came into being,” Goldberg said. “People got tired of tripping over women with hangers hanging out of their bodies because they were giving themselves these abortions. It was supposed to be safe and clean.”

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