• Woman Throws Dog Poop in Cop’s Face

    An Australian woman was returning home from walking her dogs last week when officers wouldn’t allow her back inside her residence.

    car accident required police to temporarily block foot traffic, but that wasn’t gonna stop this pedestrian from getting back into her home.

    A woman gave two Australian police officers, who were keeping her from accessing her home as they assessed a crime scene, some crappy treatment.

    “I’m standing right here, that’s where me and my dogs are standing. I’m standing right f***ing here,” the woman screamed at the officers.

    , the two police officers wouldn’t allow her and her dogs to proceed down the street, despite her protests, so she decided to assault one of them with a bag of her dog’s poop.

    Needless to say, it wasn’t a good idea. She was promptly shoved to the ground and arrested.

    Local police obtained the footage and has it under review and it looks like the woman may face an assault charge “in the turd degree.”

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