• Black Lives Matter Activists Interrupt Hillary Clinton’s Atlanta Rally

    Black Lives Matters protesters disrupted an “African-Americans for Hillary” rally in Atlanta Friday, where Clinton planned to announce her criminal justice reform plan to end racial profiling in law enforcement.

    About a dozen protesters massed in front of her stage chanting “Black Lives Matters”

    “Yes, yes they do,” Clinton said, pandering to the group. “And I’m going to talk a lot about that in a minute.”

    The protesters sang hymns throughout her speech, as Clinton supporters tried to drown out the protesters with chants of “Hillary!” and “Let her talk!”

    Clinton begged with the group to listen to her policy proposals.

    “Now my friends, I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that black lives do matter and we have to take action together,” she added. “And I hope that we’ll have a chance to talk more as I have been meeting with activists from the Black Lives Matter movement.”

    The protesters were eventually removed from the rally.

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