• #BlackLivesMatter Force LA Mayor To Flee Town Hall, Stomp On His Car

    Dozens of Black Lives Matter activists ambushed Los Angeles Democratic Mayor Eric Garcetti Monday night at town hall with black community leaders and forced the mayor to flee the event.

    ”Black lives, they matter here!,” the protesters chanted as they turned their backs to the stage.

    Garcetti initially came to answer questions from citizens regarding economic opportunity and community safety before protestors began chanting. But the event quickly turned to chaos as Black Lives Matter protesters rushed the podium.

    The mayor was forced to leave under police guard.

    The activists then followed Garcetti and climbed up and stomped on his car.

    The Democratic mayor later issued a statement:

    Tonight, we had hundreds of South LA residents attend a community meeting – leaders, business owners, mothers and children, who took time out of their evening to discuss the critical issues that matter most to all of us. I am disappointed that our conversation was cut short when there is so much work for us to do together to make our neighborhoods stronger and safer. I believe in our City and my commitment to our shared concerns continues, stronger than ever.

    Garcettii followed suit with other Democrats on Monday night and attempted to show solidarity with the Black Lives Movement by explaining why it is wrong to say “all lives matter.”

    “I hate this back-and-forth we hear nationally, where people say black lives matter and politicians say all lives matter. Black lives matter in a unique way, and you and I see eye to eye on this,” Garcetti told the Los Angeles Times. “If you just try to say all lives matter, you write people out of history. You write slavery out of history. You write oppression and violence out of history. You write racism and lynching out of history. So I get why it is important — just hear me out for one second — you’re right.”

    Apparently, that was not enough for the protesters.

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