• Chuck Todd: Democrats ‘Chatter’ About Biden Because They Fear Hillary Will Be The Nominee

    Chuck Todd admitted Wednesday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe that concerns of Hillary Clinton’s electability are legitimate.

    The “chatter” around Joe Biden running for president, the Meet The Press host said, is an indication that Democrats are uncertain of whether she “can win the nomination.”

    Host Joe Scarborough predicted that if Hillary and GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump squared off in the general election, Trump would probably come out on top.

    “Nixon always said you run to the right and in primaries, you go to the center and generals, that, I guess that’s my point. I have the same concerns as you do for these candidates,” Scarborough said. “Hillary and Trump when you look at the general, but just judging right now where we are in the game, he’s looking pretty strong.”

    Well, he is and I hear that. And it’s like, but at the same time, where is his capacity grow and where do you see him, how does he get to the 50 percent mark when he gets down there?” Todd wondered. “And you look at it and again, you look at these negative ratings that he has outside of the Republican electorate, and you just can’t help but sit there and go, “Look this is part of Hillary Clinton’s problem.” Why is there chatter for Biden?”

    Todd also doubted that Clinton will fare well in the general election if she won her party’s nomination.

    “It’s not that there is this concern that she can’t win the nomination, its concern she can win the nomination. Right? That she’s going to be the nominee,” Todd said. “You can’t judge Clinton and Trump in different ways too. We look at Clinton’s numbers, stronger in the primary and yet in many ways, I think there’s questions about her electability and where she’s going to stand in the general election and that’s the same issue right now. I mean, what I was pointing out is both parties are being led by two people who the general election electorate considers the most unfavorable and that matters.”

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