• Donald Trump: ‘I Think Obama Hates Israel’

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump  slammed President Obama Thursday, saying that he thinks the commander in chief “hates Israel.”

    A person in the crowd of 4,000 in Nevada tried to get Trump’s attention by shouting “Israel”.

    “I heard the beautiful name of Israel,” Trump said.

    The billionaire businessman vowed to protect the country and rebuked the recently brokered Iran nuclear deal

    “Israel is safe with this one,” he said. “Safe. Safe. So many friends in Israel. They don’t know what happened. They have a president who… they actually think Obama hates Israel,” Trump said. “I think he does.”

    “Honestly, I think Israel’s in such a massive amount of trouble because of the agreement,” he added. “We will save Israel. Nothing — nothing bad is [going to] happen to Israel.”

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