• Drudge: ‘Old And Sick’ Hillary Is A Contender Only Because Media Propping Her Up

    Media kingpin Matt Drudge blasted Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in a rare interview with InfoWars’ Alex Jones published Tuesday evening.

    “She’s old and she’s sick,” the Drudge Report founder said.

    Drudge slammed the media for propping up Clinton’s candidacy.

    The only reason Clinton is a presidential contender, he said, is because the media are making her so.

    “They’re making her a contender with these propped-up ‘Saturday Night Live’ things. It’s like a head on a stick,” he said. “She is not a viable, vibrant leader for this country of 300-including the illegals-380 million Americans. So the media is trying to put us asleep.”

    He said he is worried the nation will end up “with Hillary’s brain in the Oval Office in a jar” because of the powers that be and advised the media to wake up and do its job before that happens.

    Only the media mogul’s voice is present throughout the 46-minute video as he stands behind the camera holding a microphone.

    He cited Clinton’s hypothyroidism as cause for concern.

    “Anybody who is 70 years old who is hypothyroid, you do not elect president, ladies and gentlemen,” he said.

    Drudge also weighed in on the candidacy of 74 year old Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and wondered if Democrats could “find anybody under the age of 70.”

    “What is this oldness in a vibrant country that needs to go forward to a new century?” he asked.

    The conversation about Clinton begins around the 20 minute mark in the video above.

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