• Hillary To #BlackLivesMatter Riot Leaders: I Can’t Forgive Killer Cops

    Hillary Clinton met privately on Friday morning with Black Lives Matter activists Deray Mckesson and Johnetta Elzie, the lead agitators at the Ferguson and Baltimore riots.

    Clinton can be seen praising and shaking hands with the “activists.”

    “You’re a better person than me wanting to love folks who killed somebody, I just can’t do that,” Clinton told one woman, referencing Officer Darren Wilson who was cleared in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown.

    Although the meeting was intended to be private and was not announced or publicized by Clinton’s campaign, McKesson broadcasted the conclusion of the meeting on the live streaming app Periscope, and Gateway Pundit obtained the video.

    Clinton was not aware she was being filmed until Deray informed her midway through the video and she didn’t look not enthused when she found out.

    Deray was recently hired by Yale University to teach a one-credit course about “transformational leadership.” He taught Yale students the importance of looting and hating whitey during a two-day lecture on the Black Lives Matter movement last week.

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