• Hundreds Turn Out to Protest Obama in Oregon

    A week after a gunman killed nine people and himself at Umpqua Community College, Obama landed on Air Force One to visit the survivors and grieving families in Roseburg, Oregon.

    Obama was met by hundreds of pro-gun protesters Friday when he showed up outrage by the way he demanded that Americans start politicizing those murdered by a mentally ill individual to promote gun-control immediately after the massacre.

    The protesters lined up outside the airport flying American flags, Don’t Tread on Me Flags, and even a Confederate flag and wore pro-gun t-shirts. Some protestors even openly carried handguns at their side, a display of their Second Amendment rights.

    Over 8,000 signed up to protest Obama today at the Defend Roseburg Facebook protest page.

    The White House prior to Obama’s visit, struggled to explain that the president was only traveling to Oregon to console the victims and to not politicize the tragedy in the local community.

    “Those individuals have nothing to fear,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest explained to reporters on Wednesday. “The fact is the President has made clear that the goal of his visit is to spend time with the families of those who are so deeply affected by this terrible tragedy.”

    But when Obama angrily denounced gun rights after the shooting, vowing to politicize each mass shooting for the sake of passing more gun laws, the damage was already done.

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