• Kasich: ‘I’ve Had It’ With Trump, Carson

    John Kasich is infuriated with Donald Trump and Ben Carson leading conservatives in the 2016 race.

    “Do you know how crazy this election is? I’ve about had it with these people,” Kasich said at a pre-debate rally in Ohio Tuesday. “I’m sick and tired of listening to this nonsense.”

    Kasich slammed Carson for his announced plan to get rid of Medicare.

    “We got one candidate that says we ought to abolish Medicaid and Medicare,” Kasich said of Carson. “You ever heard anything so crazy as that, telling our people in this country who are seniors or about to be seniors that we’re going to abolish Medicaid or Medicare.”

    The Ohio governor then complained about Trump’s “crazy” mass deportation idea.

    “We got one guy that says we ought to take 10 or 11 million people and pick them up, where the—I don’t know where, we’re going to go in their homes, their apartments. We’re going to pick them up and we’re going to take them to the border and scream at them to get out of our country,” Kasich continued, in an obvious swipe at frontrunner Donald Trump. “Well that’s just crazy. That is just crazy.”

    “What’s happened to our party? What’s happened to the conservative movement?” Kasich wondered. “I’m done being polite and listening to this nonsense.”

    Kasich’s tirade came a day before Republicans will gather in Colorado for their third presidential debate. He has struggled to break through in a crowded field and his quiet debate performance last month didn’t help.

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