• Krauthammer: Obama Politicized Oregon Massacre While ‘The Bodies Are Still Warm’

    Conservative pundit and syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer blasted President Barack Obama on Thursday night for politicizing the shooting at Umpqua Community College .

    Krauthammer said Obama should not be calling for gun law reform because there are too many unanswered questions just hours after news of the shooting spread.

    “He has no idea what the gun was, how it was obtained, who the person is and what the motive is,” Krauthammer said during his appearance Fox News’ Special Report With Bret Baier.. “What does he do if it turns out it was a terrorist?”

    “To make a pronouncement at this time, when — I hate to say it — the bodies are still warm and the wounded are now in surgery, I think is at least premature,” he said.

    Stephen Hayes, columnist for “The Weekly Standard,” agreed, and said he didn’t “doubt” the President’s passion about changing gun policy.

    “We don’t know anything about the circumstances of the shooting. We don’t know anything about how the shooter obtained the weapon in question. We don’t know any of this and yet the president is using this occasion to urge us to change our gun laws. There were 50 shootings in Chicago over the weekend for the second straight weekend in a row. Why didn’t the President go out and make a statement then?”

    Hayes said Obama was using the shooting to get out from “an avalanche” of bad news in the last 36 hours.

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