• Muslim Prayers Take Over Downtown Los Angeles

    A swarm of devout Muslims decided to roll out a huge prayer rug and block a downtown street in Los Angeles last week in order to pray.

    The voice of the imam carried through a loudspeaker as the massive group of Muslims moved through the neighborhood and prayed, congesting the street until it was rendered impassable.

    Pamela Geller found the video of Muslims taking over the street in order to fulfill their daily prayers.

    At first glance you’d assume this large Muslim prayer gathering captured in the video above is taking place in a Middle Eastern country.

    But you’d be wrong.

    Where are the atheists and why are they not out protesting this? Their intolerance just applies to Christians.

    From Conservative Tribune:

    The point of these demonstrations, of course, is not because the streets are a better mosque than the actual thing, or because macadam and cobblestone are so much easier to kneel on than a floor. More or less, these prayer events represent a demonstration of numbers and power, a kind of unspoken aggression against the status quo.

    All of this would be reasonable if it weren’t for the claims that political Islam tends to make. A similar Christian prayer demonstration in a Muslim nation would end in mass arrests and imprisonment, if not worse.

    It doesn’t take long to figure out the implied message here. It’s one we should pay careful attention to, lest the emissaries of radical Islam seize power for the armies of Allah in the corporeal realm.

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