• Obama: Hillary’s Email Scandal Is A ‘Legitimate’ Issue

    President Obama had the opportunity to defend his former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, as questions of whether she will face criminal prosecution for her private email server loom over her presidential campaign.

    Obama however, during his interview Sunday with 60 Minutes, refused to stand up for Clinton, and instead characterized the scandal as “legitimate.”

    “This is one of those issues that I think is legitimate,” Obama told host Steve Kroft.

    He then passively added that it was “an indication that we’re in presidential political season.”

    Kroft asked Obama if he agreed with Clinton’s claim that about the email scandal not being a big deal.

    Obama declined to comment and suggested that the former first lady to answer questions about her email “to the satisfaction of the American public.”

    Kroft reminded Obama that his administration has prosecuted people for having classified material on their private computers, but Obama maintained that Clinton’s server havoc did not endanger America’s national security.

    “There’s no doubt that there had been breaches, and these are all a matter of degree,” Obama said. “We don’t get an impression that here there was purposely efforts– on– in– to hide something or to squirrel away information.”

    “I’m going to leave it to Hillary when she has an interview with you to address all these questions,” Obama said in conclusion.


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