• REALLY? Todd To Carson: The First Amendment Protects ‘Extreme Political Bias’ On Campus

    Meet the Press host Chuck Todd pressed Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson on whether his plan to police colleges and universities for political bias that would violate the First Amendment.

    Ben Carson said Wednesday that if here were elected president he would use the Department of Education to deny funding in cases of “extreme political bias” on college campuses.

    In an interview Sunday morning on Meet the Press,

    Todd asked Carson on Sunday if he’s concerned that a liberal president in the future could use it the opposite way to target conservatives, if his plan is implemented program is implemented.

    “This is not just spouting off, I’ve thought about this,” Carson said. “The way that works is you invite students at the universities to send in their complaints, and then you investigate.”

    “How is what you’re advocating not a violation of the First Amendment?” Todd asked in response.

    “It’s not a violation of the First Amendment. All I’m saying is tax payer funding should net be used for propaganda,” Carson retorted.

    Todd pressed him further.

    “Your definition of propaganda could be what somebody else views as free speech,” Todd said.

    “Well that’s why I said, we’re going to have the students send in, and we will investigate,” Carson said.

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