• Russian Weather Forecaster: It’s ‘Good Weather for Bombing’ in Syria

    Russia’s state-owned news networks are dominated by the country’s military air campaign in Syria and even its weather reports are forecasting favorable conditions for launching airstrikes and flying fighter jets flying in the region. its fighter jets bombing Syria

    A weather forecaster for Rossiya 24, a state-owned Russian news channel, predicted Monday that the weather condition in Syria throughout the month of October is “ideal for carrying out operational sorties.”

    Light cloud cover “will not make flying more difficult and will not influence the systems for aiming weapons,” she told viewers. “Experts note the time for the start of the air operation is chosen very well.”

    She described gave the forecast while standing in front of a graphic that read “flying weather” next to an image of a bomber.

    Russia’s weather also went political in March of last year when TV channels included Crimea in their forecasts after it was annexed by Moscow.

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