• This Is The New Evil Villain in Marvel Comics’ Captain America Series

    Captain America used to take on Nazis and defending freedom. Marvel revamped the iconic superhero and made him side with Democrats in Washington, beating up on conservatives who quote the US Constitution.

    A new black “liberal” Captain America heads to the southern border fight some gun-toting, red eyed, right-wing conservative villains in hoods, dubbed the ‘Sons of the Serpent,’ who are “threatening” innocent illegal immigrants from crossing the border, according to a video summary of the issue, Captain America: Sam Wilson #1, created by the Maciver Institute.

    The Sons of the Serpent attempting to apprehend the group of illegal aliens crossing the desert from Mexico into Arizona and accuse the immigrants of invading a sovereign land to spread disease and crime, take American jobs and collect welfare.

    Media headlines, in the comic, blast the new partisan Captain America, calling him anti-American and “Captain Socialism.”

    The superhero claims all he wanted to do was bring people together.

    Marvel Comics, who is now owned by Disney which also controls ABC and ESPN, has recently began reinventing itself, changing the race and gender of many of its iconic superheroes.

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