• Whoopi Goldberg To GOP: ‘Grow Some Nuts’ Rather Than Complain About Debate

    View co-host Whoopi Goldberg recommended Thursday that the Republican presidential candidates “grow some nuts” rather than complain about a lack of substantive questions following the CNBC third GOP debate.

    “Here’s my question, who answered one substantive question? Did anybody answer one substantive question?” Goldberg asked.

    Joy Behar said the candidates’ complaint were that they not asked substantive questions, but Goldberg dismissed the notion.

    “Grow some nuts,” Goldberg said. “If you’re going to be the president, you’re going to have to answer these questions at some point. I don’t understand.”

    Co-host Michelle Collins defended the CNBC hosts

    “ I give quick props to the CNBC moderators because I have to tell you they were so entertaining last night,” Collins admitted. “I felt like I was watching a Housewives Reunion.”

    Paula Faris noted that it is difficult to answer a substantive question when you are only  given 60 seconds and “keep getting interrupted,” but Goldberg contended that “the Democrats seemed to have been able to do it.”

    ” Because there’s five of them,” Faris maintained.

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