• Woodward: Trump Will Not Get Nomination Because GOP Has ‘Common Sense’

    Veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward said Sunday that Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination because the “common sense” of Republican voters will make them realize the tycoon cannot win a general election.

    “The Republican Party has a certain gravitational pull that devolves and it is ‘lets do something sensible,” Woodward said on CBS’s Face the Nation. “We want to win the presidency.’ And the polling and common sense will take you away from Trump getting the nomination. As I was saying who can stand up and say ‘I’m like Ronald Reagan’ not Donald Trump.”

    Trump is pulling ahead in polls across key states and squashing the narrative that his candidacy is fizzling.  A new CNN/ORC polls in South Carolina and Nevada shows the real estate mogul with  double-digit leads in both states, pushing past what some pundits thought was a plateau in his poll numbers.

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