• Christie: ‘Hillary Clinton’s Coming For Your Wallet’

    New Jersey Governor advised during the GOP presidential undercard debate Wednesday that Republicans stay focused on the real adversary, Hillary Clinton, not fellow Republicans.

    “I want to guarantee you one thing, really clearly, if you think Mike Huckabee won’t be the kind of president who will cut back spending or Chris Christie or John Kasich, wait until you see what Hillary Clinton will do to the country and how she will drown us in debt,” Christie, a former prosecutor, retorted. “She is the real adversary and Republicans better stay focused on her.”

    Christie’s remarks were in response to Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s warning about electing another big government Republican to The White House.

    “If you are elected president, what concrete steps would you take to reduce the size of the federal government?” moderator Sandra Smith asked Christie.

    “The bottom line is, believe me, Hillary Clinton’s coming for your wallet, everybody,” Christie said. “Don’t worry about Huckabee or Jindal. Worry about her.”

    Christie and Huckabee failed to qualify for the prime time debate, which is scheduled to begin at 9 p.m.  and were demoted to the undercard debate along with former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum and Jindal. The prime time debate is being limited to candidates that have collected at least 2.5 percent based on four recent national polls.

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