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  • Donald Trump Is Hitler In New Kasich Ad: ‘You Better Hope There’s Someone Left To Help You’

    Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign released a new attack ad Wednesday comparing GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump to Hitler.

    The ad, titled “Trump’s dangerous rhetoric,” features Col. Tom Moe, who served in the U.S. Air Force and was a POW in Vietnam, warning voters about Trump as headlines about the real estate magnate’s controversial comments flash onscreen.

    The ad also highlights Trump’s plan to deport all illegal immigrants and his calls for increased surveillance and tracking of Muslim Americans.

    “You might not care if Donald Trump says Muslims should register with their government, because you’re not one Moe warns in the ad over an apocalyptic soundtrack. “And you might not care if Donald Trump says he’s going to round up all the Hispanic immigrants, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump says it’s okay to rough up black protesters, because you’re not one. And you might not care if Donald Trump wants to suppress journalists, because you’re not one.”

    “But think about this: If he keeps going and he actually becomes president, he might just get around to you,” Moe adds. “And you better hope that there’s someone left to help you.”

    Kasich trails far behind Trump according to the RealClearPolitics average of national polls at 2.8 percent. Trump leads the pack with 27.5 percent support

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