• Former Islamic Extremist Blasts Obama’s Handling of ISIS

    Former Islamic extremist Maajid Nawaz blasted President Obama’s handling of ISIS on Monday.

    “Unfortunately, I don’t think this current administration has had this issue of Islamist extremism correct from day one,” Nawaz said during his appearance on The Kelly File. “The policy from day one has been a policy of obfuscation, denial and, unfortunately, a lack of action and a lack of strategy.”

    Nawaz, author of “Radical: My Journey Out Of Islamic Extremism, spent years in an Egyptian prison for his activities against former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

    Kelly asked Nawaz what he thought about Obama’s refusal to call jihadists Islamic extremists.

    “There’s a danger if we don’t name this thing ‘Islamist extremism’ and isolate it from mainstream Muslims, and then undermine it,” he said. “When we don’t name something, the vast majority of people who don’t really understand these complex conversations will assume the problem is with the religion of Islam and Muslims, themselves.”

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