• GOP Campaigns Agree To Cut RNC Out Of Debate Process

    Republican presidential candidates are angry following controversy over last week’s CNBC event and agreed Sunday to bypass party leaders to negotiate directly with television networks over the rules for the remaining debates.

    Representatives of the candidates’ campaigns met for nearly two hours Sunday night in suburban Washington and drafted a two-and-a-half-page letter to the debate broadcasters, demanding rules for future debates and making it clear that they no longer want to negotiate through the National Republican Committee.

    The candidates demanded changes include mandatory opening and closing statements, an equal number of questions for the candidates, and pre-approval of on-screen graphics.

    They also want specific questions answered about debate format and logistics thirty days before each debate and want to know how the time will be managed so that each candidate can decide to take part or not.

    Ben Carson’s campaign manager says the candidates might boycott coming debates if they do not get the changes they want.

    The RNC wasn’t even invited to the private meeting of the campaigns, yet RNC Chairman Reince Priebus  insist the candidates are not cutting the party out.

    “The truth is we’re involved, we’re in control, we’re setting the calendar. in fact, if what happens from last night goes forward, I think it’s exactly where we want to be,” he said Monday On ABC’s “Good Morning America.

    GOP Chairman   Reince Priebus announced after the 2012 debates that RNC, for the first time ever, would exert control over the debates. Now he’s under fire for the results of a 3-hour debate by CNN and for what the candidates called “bias questions” from CNBC.


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