• Hillary Says If Elected ‘Former Presidents Won’t Have to Declare Criminal History’

    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced a major policy position Friday, vowing to defend former presidents with criminal records.

    Clinton promised during a speech at an NAACP event in Charleston, S.C. that as president she would  prohibit “former presidents” from having to disclose their criminal histories on applications for federal jobs.

    “Earlier today, I announced that as president, I will take steps to ban the box, so former presidents won’t have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process,” Clinton said. “That way, they’ll have a chance to be seen as more than just someone who’s done time.”

    Clinton clearly meant to say “former prisoners” instead of “former presidents” during her speech but didn’t seem to notice the apparent mix-up of her words.  Yet, the move could be seen as Clinton preparing for her post-presidency considering the FBI is currently investigating the unsecured, unsanctioned home-brew e-mail server that Clinton used as Secretary of State. Or maybe Hillary  had her husband Bill on her mind while making this statement.

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