• Lindsey Graham: Donald Trump Is a Complete Idiot

    Republican presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) railed against his rival Donald Trump Thursday for his proposal to give Muslims special IDs identifying them as Muslim.

    “Donald Trump is a complete idiot,” Graham said during his appearance on Newsmax TV’s The Hard Line. “All I can tell you is that we are in a religious war. The goal is to win the war.”

    Graham argued that most Muslims are at odds with Islamic State (ISIS).

    “Most people in the faith do not buy what ISIL is selling. I’ve been to Iraq and Afghanistan 35 times in the last decade. You’ll never convince me they are all the same. I’ve done 140 days on the ground as an Air Force reservist working with people in Iraq and Afghanistan and other places on the rule of law,” Graham explained.

    Graham warned that Trump’s ideas are contagious and blasted Mayor David Bowers of Roanoke, Va., using the incarceration of Japanese and Japanese Americans during World War II as a precedence to stop Syrian refugees from entering the country.

    “They are dumber than dirt. Just shut the hell up if you don’t know what you are talking about,”Graham said. “The region is ready to be led. If you spend any time in the region, you know that people don’t want to live under the ISIL flag. Thousands of Muslims have died as victims of ISIL. I have lost friends in this war in Iraq and Afghanistan who stand up to these bastards. So people like that and Donald Trump speak it makes the problem worse.”

    Trump called Graham an “idiot” in the summer and gave out his cell phone number after Graham referred to Trump as a “jackass.”

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