• NBC: Donald Trump Gives SNL Its Highest Ratings In Three Years

    Despite his detractors’ darnedest effort to keep him off of NBC’s Saturday Night Live, billionaire presidential candidate Donald Trump’s hosting gig lifted NBC’s ratings to a three-year high this weekend.

    Trump’s appearance on the long-running sketch show had a whopping 6.6 household rating on Saturday night, according to NBC.

    The overnight rating was 47 percent higher than the show’s 41st season premiere last month, which featured a guest appearance by Hillary Clinton and was hosted by Miley Cyrus.

    “Dump Trump” protesters offered $5,000 to anyone who would heckle the tycoon during the airing of the show. His monologue was interrupted by a heckler, but the interruption was a scripted joke. Seinfeld creator Larry David, who returned to the show for the second time this season to play Bernie Sanders, yelled “Trump’s a racist” from offstage.

    Demonstrators from Latino groups protested outside NBC’s studios Saturday night in midtown Manhattan holding signs and chanting in Spanish and English: “Dump Trump,” The people united will never be defeated” and “We are not criminal, we are workers.”

    A group of 30 protesters rallied on Wednesday against Trump and handed NBC a petition signed by more than 500,000 people asking “SNL” and its parent company to “disinvite” Trump.

    Trump discussed his appearance on the show as well as the Dump Trump protestors on Fox and Friends  Sunday morning and said that “the whole thing with Hispanics” had been hyped up and claimed there were only a few protesters were outside who left by the time the show started.

    “You know why? You know what happened,” Trump said, “they went home to watch the show.”

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