• The Shred of Evidence: Posh College Boss Shreds ‘Oppressive’ Constitution On Hidden Camera

    James O’Keefe and Project Veritas released a video Tuesday of a college administrator shredding a copy of the Constitution at the request of an undercover reporter.

    The Project Veritas reporter claimed the pocket constitution gave her a “panic attack” and asked Vassar College’s Kelly Grab if she could destroy it for her because it could be “therapeutic.” Grab readily shredded the document.

    “Yes, I think we have a shredder in the front office there. Did you want to do it with me?” Grab replied before she readily shredded the document.

    “…We don’t want to limit people in exchanging ideas or having opposing viewpoints, but when it’s disruptive or causing harm…” she said.

    Colleen Cohen, an anthropology professor at Vassar, also agreed to shred a pocket constitution when approached by the same reporter with the “complaint.”

    “I’ll put it through a shredder,” Cohen offered. “Yeah, I’ll put it in a shredder.”

    The reporter can be seen in the video approaching several faculty members at Vassar and Oberlin Colleges calling that the nation’s founding document “a really oppressive document” and all of the faculty empathized with her “complaint.”

    The founder of Project Veritas, James O’Keefe, said he was completely surprised with the outcome of the sting video.

    “When this idea came up in our newsroom about campus administrators shredding the Constitution because it’s a trigger against students, we didn’t think people would actually fall for it,” he said. “We underestimated just how stupid and politically correct these people are.”

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