• Democrat Presidential Candidates Race to Politicize San Bernardino Mass Shooting

    A gunman or gunmen shot and killed an unknown number of people Wednesday in San Bernardino, California at the Inland Regional Center, a state-run facility that services people with developmental disabilities.

    The first shots were fired at the center around 11 a.m. local time (2 p.m. ET).

    The IRC, according to its Facebook page, serves individuals with developmental disabilities — such as autism, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy.

    Police were searching for up to three suspects with the deadly mass shooting in San Bernardino.

    Firefighters set up a triage area near the Center on the South Waterman Avenue and treated the wounded on the street. As many as 20 people were wounded.

    The mayhem in California came just days after a gunman barged into a Planned Parenthood facility in Colorado Springs, Colo., killing three people during a five hour siege.

    President Obama was briefed by Homeland Security Advisor Lisa Monaco and asked to be updated as the situation develops, a White House official said.

    The Democrat presidential candidates, without knowing the most basic facts of the cause of the attack, rushed to politicize the shooting and tout gun control,  even though California has some of the most stringent gun control laws on the books.

    Alicia Powe

    Staff Writer

    Alicia Powe is a staff writer for Daily Surge. She worked in the War Room of the Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee and served as a White House Intern during the George W. Bush administration. Alicia has written for numerous outlets, including Human Events, Media Research Center and Townhall.com.

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