• Hillary: Americans Shouldn’t Have Guns Because ‘Terrorists Use Guns to Kill’

    Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton blasted the majority of the Republican 2016 field for its stance on gun control in a in a counterterrorism speech, hours before Tuesday night GOP debate in Las Vegas.

    “I know that this will drive some of our Republican friends a little crazy,” the former Secretary of State said in Minnesota.

    “You’ll probably hear it tonight: They will say that guns are a totally separate issue, nothing to do with terrorism,” Clinton said. “Well, I have news for them: Terrorists use guns to kill Americans, and I think we should make it a lot harder for them to do that ever again.”

    Clinton outlined how she would stop homegrown terrorist attacks like the San Bernardino, California, massacre and laid out specifics of her gun plans, including an assault rifle ban and limits on high capacity magazines.

    Banning such weapons goes against public opinion, according to a New York Times/CBS poll released this month.

    She also proposed barring people on the no-fly list from being able to purchase weapons, insisting on comprehensive background checks for gun-buyers “to close loopholes that allow potential terrorists to buy weapons online or at gun shows.”

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